What a morning!  Bella brought in a beautiful moth to share with the group and together we discovered:

  • It is called the sphinx moth, or hawkmoth
  • Males have broader antennae on most moths.  This one is female.
  • Its larvae are hornworms – bad for field crops and not liked by farmers because of how many crops they eat.
  • Nocturnal moths use the moon for navigating, and that is why they often can’t seem to get away from our porch lights

We also read a story about fireflies and sang a song too!  Then we made our very own glow-in-the-dark fireflies after a snack. 

And my favorite part about the morning?  Clouds.  We created a big magical cloud for each of us to walk through, over and under.  Just look at the happy faces!

Don’t forget that next Tuesday we are having a very special program – the puppeteer!  It is entertaining for the entire family, so bring everyone!