Pam Winchester is a mixed media artist who is passionate about creating and teaching art for the public.  Because her work is often large and displayed outdoors, she primarily uses exterior house paint. She is currently painting two murals for the Hammond Historical Museum. Both are being painted in a realistic style. 

Pam has shown her art work at the Frederick Remington Museum, the Iva Smith Memorial Gallery, and through arts organizations such as TAUNY (Traditional Arts of Upstate NY) and the North Country Arts Council. Many of her Barn Quilt paintings are displayed on the Hammond Barn Quilt Trail (of which she is a founding member).

Some of her most important works include: “On the Wing”, a kinetic sculpture which ‘flew’ across the ceiling of the Iva Smith Memorial Gallery; “Marta’s Tale”, a book she wrote and illustrated which was featured in an interview with Todd Moe of NCPR; “A Mighty Fortress Are We”, a TAUNY commissioned Barn Quilt which Pam cut from local stone, and which is permanently displayed in the Hammond Town Office Building; the “Paul Truax Memorial Mural” in Ogdensburg, commissioned by the Truax Insurance Agency, and the “Fort La Presentation Mural”, designed by her students and painted by over 100 Ogdensburg community members.

Pam’s greatest joy is teaching people to make art. She was trained to teach art at Syracuse University, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and a bachelor’s degree in Education. Her major was Synaesthetic Education. This unique approach to teaching art helped her support and inspire thousands of art students. She was an art teacher for 32 years.

Her retirement from public school teaching has not stopped her desire to teach. Pam built an art studio, called the Blue Goose, and continues to coach and support artists there. She also promotes local artists by annually curating two art exhibits at the Town Office Building in Hammond, NY. You can catch her teaching at the annual Spring Arts Festival in Morristown, NY on Saturday, May 27th at the Gateway Museum’s Heron Trail, River Road East.