Hello, my name is Bridget Whalen-Nevin.  I am the director of The Morristown Public Library.  I am writing to thank the majority who voted “yes” in response to the library’s request for an additional $10,000 in annual funding.  This reliable funding will put the library’s Board of Trustees in a much healthier position to actively pursue present and long term needs for continued growth – sustainable growth – much needed growth to match the growing requirements of the library’s 816 (and growing!) active patrons.  That’s a lot of growth, eh?  Of course it is, because that is what libraries everywhere do!  The trustees and I have cheerily accepted the awesome responsibility as caretakers of the library’s daily operations and also its future.  We take our jobs, both paid and as volunteers, quite to heart.  We understand growth is critical for the future of the library and for the community of Morristown as a whole.  We were delighted to realize that taxpayers feel the same way as evidenced by the outcome of the polls on May 20th.

Today is a joyful day.  A day we are tangibly reminded that the visions of the library match those of the patrons it happily serves.  What felicity!

Libraries level the information playing ground without discrimination.  It has been said that a community’s strength is easily measured by its support of their library.  Yay, Morristonians!  You’ve done it again; you’ve supported the library’s mission as you have historically done since its inception in 1894.  I am HUMBLED and HONORED to be a tiny part of that history.  I am HUMBLED and HONORED to be a tiny part of our future together. 

With Best Regards, Deep Appreciation and Big Smiles,