What an incredible weekend!  I would like to thank EVERYONE that helped to make this year’s Plein Air Festival and Book Sale so successful!  As I said yesterday, I have the best job in the world and it’s not because of the library but rather the people it serves.  Now, don’t get me wrong, our little library is very pleasant, but it wouldn’t be any fun to work here if people didn’t use it.  And use it we do, because 1,017 is this month’s patron count so far AND WE’VE ONLY BEEN OPEN FOR 22 HOURS. 

It’s Morristown’s patrons who make this the best job ever and I am delighted to serve you.  It’s Morristown’s Board of Trustees who set the policy and direction in order to provide relevant services PLUS a beautiful new expansion.  It’s the Plein Air Committee that works tirelessly to provide the community with a knock-out art show.  It’s the volunteers who carry books and furniture and signs and racks and paint and grass seed.  It’s the DPW who mow and plow and paint and shovel and dig.  It’s the hosts who provide incredible hospitality for visiting artists.  It’s the bakers that bring cookies and brownies and bread.  It’s my assistant Megan Bush, her kindness and enthusiasm at the desk and in creating programs.  It’s the patrons who send in their hard-earned dollars as a donation.  THANK YOU!  You ALL are the sun that always shines on the Morristown Public Library.

Drum roll please, the library is very excited to announce that as of today our weekend proceeds total $12,394.93  Woot woot!  Now that’s cause for a celebration and YOU are a part of that.