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Sponsors 2023

Beverly Camalier and Keith Wilson

James Doyle

Carolyn and Weldon Noble

Emily and Tom LaMont

Karen and Terry Moquin

Virginia and Ronald Tulley

Vicki and Robert Savino

Bill Breitenbuecher and Mike Gardner

Michele Whalen and Valerie Summer

Erin and Jason Begel

Gail Zeek

Pam and Jim Boyle

Wright’s Sporting Goods and Marine Inc

Paul Rogers

Joanne Vaillancourt

Karen and Joseph Mulloy

John and Debby Perretta

In memory of Mary Alice Ouderkirk by Melanie Connor

Alexander and Sandra Shine

Ellen and Dave Yerger

Jim and Maryalice Blake

Sandra Kelly

The Goodridges

Ann and Bahram Sayari

Gail Fox

Toleda and Bob Mathews

Suzi and Frank Spotswood

Mary Colatriano

Wayne Foley

Diane and Robert Williams

Mary Catherine Spilman

Robert Lacy

Hope Mayhew

Stephen Goobic

Michele and Donald Gately

Anne and Randall Frick

Phil McCombs

Randy and Ellen Place

Ann Haycox and Mark Breneman

Charlie and Bridget Whalen-Nevin

Kate Ferris and Tim Schlachter

Barbara Potter

Sheila Norman-Culp and Randall Hackley

Susan and Jim Pepe

Hight Street Honey

Deb Monteith

Melanie Connor

St Lawrence University

Jack Plato Taylor

Jerry Rathbun

Antonietta D’Angelo and Nedim Hukovic

an anonymous donation

Patricia Glover

Jane Smithers

Rose and Bruce Tallon

Shirley and Bill White

Kay and Jim Hanson

Lori and Chris Fay

Bob LaRock

Kathleen Rogers

Mary Ann Evans

Jessica Fox

Mickey and Marty Snye

Ethel Slocum

Connie and Ted Martin

Marcia and Darryl Merkel

Nancy and Charles Vredenburg

Julia Reynolds

Nancy Arras

Anne and Paul Spilman

Considine Family Trust/Maureen Holleran

Jane and Bill Fay