Robert Lacy

RB Lawrence

Paul Chevigny

In Memory of Ann Grady Doyle by James Doyle

Wright’s Sporting Goods and Marine

Mary Colatriano

Judy Norman

Emily and Tom LaMont

Paul Rogers

Jim and Kathy Kelly

Mary Catherine Spilman

Pam and Jim Boyle

Susan and Dean Shelato

Kathleen Rogers

Sally Dumas

Gail Zeek

Vicki and Robert Savino

June Ross

Maryalice and Jim Blake

Ellen and David Yerger

Bridget and Charlie Nevin

Erin and Jason Begel

James Rigby

In Memory of Clara A. Turnbull Swift by her husband Robert F. Swift

Ro Rabozzi

Jane and Bill Fay

Dotty and Jeff Swift

Karen and Terry Moquin

Carolyn and Richard Johnson

John T. and Debby Perretta

Jane Smithers

Beverly Camalier and Keith Wilson

Nancy Arras

Mahlon and Betty Clements

Hope Mayhew

Jim and Carol Jackson

Ann Smahol

Diane and Robert Williams

Patricia Glover

Julia Reynolds and Dan Johnson

Sue and Will Girard

Kate Ferris and Tim Schlachter

Jane Martinovich

Ann Haycox and Mark Breneman

Susan and Jim Pepe

Sheila Norman-Culp and Randall Hackley

Colleen and John Kohl

Gary and Sharon Alford

Toleda and Robert Mathews

Dr. Joseph and Patricia Ferrone

Anne and Randall Frick

Carol and Dale Walts

Michele Whalen

Anne Marie and Paul Spilman

Shirley and Bill White

Antonietta D’Angelo and Nedim Hukovic

Wayne Foley

Robert Hicks

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Michele and Donald Gately

Jill and Terry Martin

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Bridget and Robert Dolan

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