Instagram Basics Workshop

• Download Instagram App
• Sign up for Account
• Create Profile
• Follow Accounts
• Post
• Account Privacy

Google Workspace Lecture

• Google Workspace
• Benefits
• Popular Tools
• Photos
• Docs
• Slides

Facebook Lecture

• What is Facebook?
• Things to do on
• Create a Post
• Stories
• Facebook Live
• Facebook Messenger
• Privacy
• Create a Free Account

Graphic Design Tools Lecture

• Design Tools Basics
• Benefits of Design Tools
• Popular Design Tools
• Canva
• Shutterfly
• Google Slides
• Photoshop
• Image Sources

All Things Zoom Lecture

• Why Zoom?
• Zoom Security
• Review Zoom Icons
• Ways to Use Zoom
• Engaging on Zoom
• Three Zoom Secrets
• Looking Good on Zoom
• Zoom Fatigue

Shopping On Amazon Workshop

Come and learn tips and tricks for Amazon shopping with us! This class is free to the public but requires registration. Call the library at your earliest convenience to get on the list of participants!

• Review Amazon
• Search on Amazon
• Understand Details
• Amazon Prime
• Groceries
• Amazon Apps

Gmail Tips and Tricks Workshop

• Format emails
• Spellcheck
• Add a signature
• Search Your Inbox
• Attach Files
• Insert Files from Drive
• Use Shortcuts

Online Health Resources Workshop

• Evaluate Online Health
• Search MedlinePlus
• Health Topics
• Drugs & Supplements
• Explore Videos & Tools
• Complete Activities
• Useful Resources

Staying Safe Online Workshop

• Understand Phishing
• Review Telltale Signs of
• Identify Red Flags
• Recognize Suspicious
• Recognize Tech Support
• Discussion

Tuesday matinee – “Babies”

From the DVD cover:

‘Experience joy and happiness at its purest in this life-affirming, universal celebration of the magic and innocence of babies. Proving that if you surround your baby with love, it doesn’t matter what culture you’re from or what child-rearing practices you follow. “Babies” travels the globe following four children from vastly different corners of the world – Ponijao from Namibia, Bayarjargal from Mongolia, Mari from Tokyo and Hattie from San Francisco. Sure to put a smile on your face and a warm feeling in your heart, it’s the film that critics and audiences agree “could be the feel-good movie of the decade!” (Moviefone)’